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Exciting and new things are happening in your Merrillville Community School Corporation!  The Merrillville Community School Corporation is in the process of undergoing renovations and upgrades to all of its buildings in order to provide our students and staff with state-of-the-art facilities that are conducive to learning, safe, inviting, and equipped to meet the needs of all students.  The estimated timeline to complete this process will be from winter 2022 through spring 2025.


Most building projects will include interior upgrades such as HVAC equipment, indoor lighting, carpet replacement, restroom remodels, and enhanced technology in the classrooms.  Exterior upgrades will include items such as outdoor LED lighting, new gates, and fencing, 3M Security Film, improved roads, and walkways, along with more innovative and inclusive playground equipment.


The Merrillville Community School Corporation is excited about what the future has in store for our community.   It is important that we provide a learning environment that our students deserve and our community can be proud of.  Pirate Pride!

Merrillville Schools Project Overview

Merrillville Community School Corporation is proud of our students, staff, and programs offered to our community.  However, our facilities are aging, and many aspects need to be addressed to stay current with today’s learning environment.  This includes HVAC, electrical, plumbing, technology, ADA compliance, safety and finishes.  To help our community fully understand the need Merrillville Community School Corporation engaged Performance Services, an Indiana based Design Build firm with more than 24 years of experience serving Kdg.-12 clients.  Performance Services has in-house professionals (architects/engineers/designers) that can evaluate our needs and prepare a Capital Improvement Plan for Merrillville Community School Corporation.  After nearly a year of site visits, studies, evaluations, and staff feedback Performance Services provided a comprehensive study and a list of recommendations to update all needed systems and bring our school corporation facilities into the 21st century.  The study was completed in June of 2022 and presented to the Merrillville Community School Corporation Board of School Trustees at that time.


While we are excited to embark on these needed upgrades, the list of proposed projects is extensive.  Fortunately, Merrillville Community School Corporation has bonds from previous projects retiring.  What this means to our community is we can consider (and implement) many of these capital improvements without raising taxes.  These bonds are different than the school corporation's General Fund which pays for staff positions, salaries, benefits etc.; these funds cannot be intermixed.  With help from Performance Services, our central office administration is prioritizing needs at each building.  This website will provide more information related to the improvements coming to each building.  It will also provide project-related updates and photos along the way.


Thanks to everyone for making Merrillville Community School Corporation an amazing place to educate our kids!

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